How La Mia Tabella was started!

Where does the love of family and Italian food get started? I guess you have to start from the beginning! I was born intoIMG_3703 an Italian American family whose roots started in Potenza, Italy. In the year 1910 my Great Grandfather immigrated to the United States and started his family in the Italian section of Chicago. Years later my Grandfather and Grandmother got married in 1941 and began their family still residing in  Chicago’s Italian area off of Taylor Street. Growing up my father lived in a two flat with his parents and sister.  They lived on one floor and his grandparents on the other floor.  My father and aunt grew up watching his mother and nana (grandmother) cooking the family meals in a tiny kitchen.  It was here in this tiny kitchen that recipes were passed down through the generations. 

Fast forward about 30 years…this is where my personal story begins. I remember Sundays were always a special day of the week because we ate dinner at my Grandparents house.  It was amazing watching my Grandma prepare dinner for about 13 people every Sunday without even blinking an eye.  The sauce/gravy, meatballs, sausage, pasta, pork roast, antipasta/salad….every single Sunday.  I have to mention that we ate on her good china every Sunday!  Dishes would be hand washed and dried and placed back into the cabinets and then dessert would be served.  Life seemed so much simpler back then!

In 2006 my husband and I started our own journey and were married.  My husband, also from a large Italian family, Family Collageand I got married in Chicago’s Italian neighborhood.  We married at The Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii.  This was the same church my grandparents got married in back in 1941.  Exactly one year and one week later we welcomed identical twin girls into our family.  In 2011 we welcomed our first son and in 2012 we welcomed our second son.  About a year after the girls were born I started my first blog on Blogger.  Whenever I had a chance I cook and I blogged, I blogged and I cooked.  It was great!  At that time I still found a balance where I could find time for my hobby. Years went by and little by little my blogging took a back seat. Fast forward a few years later to 2015.  I find myself with a total of four active kids, one wonderful husband and a crazy dog.  More than likely the most hectic time of my life and what do I decide to do…yep that is right…I decide to start blogging again!  Not only do I start blogging again, but I decide to re-create my blog, start from scratch and develop my own website…!

That brings us to today with the launch of my new blog/site.  Blogging sure is different then it was when I started in 2008.  In order to re-create myself I had to think of my “niche”. I decided to go back to my roots…back to that simpler time where family meals were the highlight of the week. A time where the beauty of the food was enough to make everyone drool! I am not talking the kind of beauty of a fancy sit down meal.  I am talking the beauty of a bright red summer sliced tomato next to a slice of creamy white buffalo mozzarella. The beauty of a fresh baked crusty Italian bread waiting to be dunked into a big bowl of minestrone soup.  The beauty of a simpler more rustic time when a grandmother made a dinner for her family with the contents of her fridge and everyone came back for seconds! When you combine family with rustic Italian food/recipes….tadah…La Mia Tabella was re-created.

I hope you enjoy the new and improved La Mia Tabella! The recipes, photos and stories that I share will all come from my heart.  My wish is that they are passed on from my family table to yours where memories will be made, laughs will be had and time stands still if only for a short moment called — dinner. Welcome to La Mia Tabella….welcome to my table!


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