Run out to the local grocery store right now to pick up a bunch of blood orange to make this BLOOD ORANGE MARGARITAS…you will not be sorry you did!!



BLOOD ORANGE MARGARITA (photo courtesy of Honestly Yum)

There are those recipes that you use your creativity and come up with on your own, there are those recipes that are just “so so” that you need to tweak here and there to make better….and then there is this recipe for BLOOD ORANGE MARGARITAS where you do not have to change a thing!  I am serious!  I am so serious that I am going to admit to pure defeat!  Defeat meaning I am waving my hands in the air saying “I am not worthy, I am not worthy”!  This recipe is so darn good!  Did I mention is also so beautiful?  So beautiful that I did not dare venture off of this recipe OR try to even take photos of my own.  Again…I am ad!mitting defeat here!  The entire recipe and ALL PHOTOS are courtesy of Honestly Yum.  It is a very cool website/blog with different contributors for food & drink recipes.  They also have posts/ideas on entertaining and DIY projects.  Please check them out at!

I completely strayed off topic…back to these gorgeous BLOOD ORANGE MARGARITAS!  The outstanding brilliant man who came up with this cocktail recipe is named Todd Wagner.  If God put these beautiful oranges on this earth for one reason and one reason only…it was to make these margaritas!!!  These are not overly sweet, not overly tart, not overly alcoholic (is there such a thing?!?!?)…they are truly perfect.  They are so perfect I am just going to go right ahead and give you the link so you can go ahead and make them this week-end!

Blood Orange Margarita . . . Pitchers!




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