Its a new year…new you….come on over to La Mia Tabella and look for my new HEALTHY RECIPES!


Healthy Recipes

Happy New Year…Happy 2016! Time for some Healthy Recipes!  I find myself at the start of a new year one year older (41 to be exact), a few pounds heavier (none of your business) and a little more health conscious!  I have also noticed that as I get older I am finding that my system is more and more sensitive to different foods.  I am never one to “jump on the bandwagon” and start eating foods just because everyone else is, but I am one who does like to eat healthy.  Due to some food sensitivities I have decided to eliminate 7 foods…yep you read right…7 foods from my diet: Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Corn, Peanuts, Eggs and Sugar/Sugar Substitutes.  You see this is a challenge for me…an extreme challenge!  I have 4 kids (8,8,4,& 3), a hungry husband and did I mention I have a food blog that focus’s on RUSTIC ITALIAN RECIPES?!?!?!  How in the world can I eliminate those 7 foods and still cook…well….I have had to do some good thinkin’ and reinvent some of my recipes. I promise you they will still have great flavor and wonderful ingredients, I will just be offering Gluten Free versions, lighter fat and calorie versions and over all just healthier versions!  These new Healthy Recipes will be posted just like any other post, but they will be labeled with the healthier “tags”.  You can also find these recipes in my Recipe Index under “Healthy Recipes“.  Again, these recipes are just some of the recipes that I will be posting….I will still be posting all my high calorie, high fat, full gluten and full sugar Italian Recipes!!!!






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